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AD 955 to date

Abbesses of Wherwell Ruled Wherwell Hundred, including 6 manors

Date       Event and remarks....


955        To Hyde Abbey, Winchester, the towns of Wherwell,

             Andover and  Clere' - Will of King Edred (946 - 955)


986        Wherwell Abbey founded by Queen Elfrida,

             first Abbess.    'Benedictine Nuns to Church of Holy Cross

             Wherwell'- William of  Malmesbury, Chronicler.


1002      Queen Elfrida died, falling into River Test at Wherwell

             King Ethelred (son of Elfrida) endowed Church, and

             instituted nuns 'in the aforenamed place of Wherwell'

             Abbess Haenfled, Abbess Hedda, Abbess Hoeddi


C1040    Queen Emma, wife of King Canute takes refuge at Wherwell


1051      Abbess - unnamed sister of King Edward the Confessor,

            whose Queen, Eadgyth took refuge at Wherwell, when

            exiled from Court.


C1080    Abbey holding of: Wherwell, Tufton, Goodworth (Clatford),

            Ann, Middleton (Longparish) and Bullington.

            Together the six Manors comprised The Wherwell Hundred -

            Domesday Book, 1086


1141     Empress Matilda's force defeated by King Stephen crossing

           the River Test at Wherwell.


1207     Abbess Matilda - Abbey granted right to hold an Annual

           Fair by King John


1226+    Abbess, 'The Blessed Euphemia' rebuilt Abbey.


1227       Diverted a carrier of River Test under the Abbey


1257       Built Chapel outside cloisters


1266       Abbess and successors granted a weekly market

              by King Henry III


1282       Abbess Elaine de Percy


1284       Archbishop Pechkam’s injunctions


1300       Abbess Isabella


1335       Abbess Maud Littleton


1340       Abbess Amitia Ladde


1361       Abbess Constantia de Wintreshall


1361       Abbess Joan Cotterell


1375       Abbess Cecilia Lavington


C1378    Assets of Henry Harold seized


1387       William of Wykeham’s injunctions


1412       Abbess Alice Parys


1451       Abbess Anne Quarley


1452       Abbess Alice Serk


1453       Abbess Juliana Overy


1494       Abbess Matilda Rowse


1518       Abbess Avelina (or Avetone Cowdrey)


1523       Wherwell provided 52 Archers and 118 Billmen, part of

             Hampshire contingent for Henry VIII's war with France.


1529       Abbess Anne Colta or Colte


1536       Last Abbess, Morphuet Kyngesmill


1540       Monasteries dissolved - Manor lands sold to Sir Thomas

              West, Lord de la Warr


1695       Manors bought by Edward Boulter, merchant of

             London.  Outlying Manors sold, less Goodworth Clatford


1709       Wherwell Manor bequeathed to John Fryer, Pewterer, 

             Alderman of London


1726       Manor left to three daughters, Bithia, Susannah and Delicia


1742       Delicia married Joshua Iremonger


1743       Other sisters bought out by Joshua Iremonger


1856       Church wrecked by fire-Church of St Peter & Holy Cross
             built in place, Iremonger family mausoleum built


1885       Railway carved through Wherwell


1899       Countess of Lovelace (mother of Colonel "Teddy" Jenkins)

             rented Wherwell from the Iremonger family.


1914       Wherwell Priory and estate bought by Sir Ernest Cassel
             and given to his niece, Mrs Jenkins.


1959       Wherwell Priory and estate bequeathed by Mrs Jenkins to
             her daughter Marjorie, Countess of Brecknock.


Priory sold on death of Marjorie, Countess of Brecknock to Mr and Mrs James Hogg.

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