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The Museum of Army Flying; Wallop


Middle Wallop is the home and training centre for the Army Air Corps. The museum is adjacent to this active airfield and houses a superb collection of aircraft, helicopters and military gliders spanning over 100 years of Army Aviation. Access to the important archive and research facility is available by appointment.


From the moment you enter the Museum of Army Flying you will be amazed at the fascinating history of “soldiers in the air” spanning well over 100 years.  This award winning museum has something for everyone.  It is home to a unique collection of aviation history, one of both national and international importance with over 35 military machines – kites, gliders, aeroplanes and helicopters on display.


The Museum serves as a profound and inspiring tribute to the men and their machines. Numerous dioramas and static displays tracing the developments of Army flying from pre Royal Flying Corps years through World War 2 to more recent conflicts in Ireland, the Falklands and the Gulf, give adults and children a fascinating and imaginative glimpse of airmen and life on the home front.


There are plenty of instructional and “hands on” flying games and activities for children, Rose Terrace a “1940’s House”, a popular café for rest and refreshment and a fascinating gift shop.


The museum is alongside Middle Wallop airfield so you can watch the everyday flying of the Army Air Corps while enjoying a picnic in the grounds or a meal in the café.

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