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Marwell Zoological Park

Marwell is a zoological park set in 100 acres of delightful Hampshire countryside, six miles south-east of Winchester.  There's a real sense of purpose at Marwell - the conservation of endangered species.


There are animals from almost every continent at Marwell – white rhinos, Amur tigers, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, tamarins, macaques, gibbons, and leopards to name but 10 out of the 200 species at the zoo.


The park was founded in 1972 by John Knowles, a conservationist who recognised the need to save animals from extinction. Marwell has over 500,000 guests a year - including 30,000 children and students to its Education Centre.


Marwell Zoo has had an Education Department since 1982. Originally it was based in Marwell Hall and the grand rooms there were used as classrooms. Nowadays we have a purpose built Conservation Education Centre which is the focus of much of our work.


The centre was built using environmentally friendly materials, including low and zero emission paints, double glazing in sustainable soft wood frames, linoleum instead of PVC on the floors and many energy and water saving devices.


The Education Department is responsible for educating guests as well as formal groups. This can be done in many ways including through graphics and interpretation, talks and activities such as trails.


Marwell Conservation seeks to address causes of extinction such as habitat loss and the over-exploitation of biological resources and to manage vulnerable populations of threatened species to ensure their survival. This is achieved through a range of species and habitat conservation programmes locally to Marwell’s base in southern England and internationally, with a particular focus in Africa.





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