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Wherwell Home Guard Club

Wherwell Home Guard Club
Wherwell Home Guard Club

The Club as it is known, is more than a shadow of its former self, rebuilt in 1991, the old corrugated iron roofed building was replaced by a new brick building. The new building was built around the old and in a feat greater than the Millennium Dome.

The Home guard itself started out as the British militia and was a fully constitutional and official part of the British armed forces, it became the Home guard in the early 20th century, and was eventually formed into the territorial army battalions of the relevant county regiments.

However with the creation of the Territorial Force in 1908 , the term "volunteer" went into abeyance. It was revived in the First World War when a home defence force of older men was raised. In the Second World War, a Home Guard was formed, initially called the Local Defence Volunteers.

In 1982 the Home Guard was revived in the form of the Home Service Force (Although not in Wherwell!!). These were older men with service experience who could not meet the full training liability of the Territorial Army, and they were charged with guarding Key Points. By 1988 an HSF company was attached to every T.A. infantry battalion. The end of the Cold War broughtthe disbandment of the HSF in 1992.

Although the Home Guard may have come and gone, our Home Guard Club is still going strong, and most of the people of my generation who use it from day to day can't even imaging the reason why it came into existence.

The Home Guard Club, has been severely 'done up', and it now boasts a Full size snooker table, Two pool tables, Darts Board and Jukebox in one room, and Bar Billiards, One-Armed Bandit, Sky-TV, and Shove Ha'penny in another room, and with Bingo every Monday night, regular Quiz nights, and a range of beers and spirits, the Home Guard is as alive as ever.

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