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Finkley Down Farm Park

At Finkley Down Farm Park, you can feed the ducks and the lambs, cuddle a rabbit, or groom a pony. You can play in the Adventure Playground, bounce all day on our colourful trampolines, or perhaps just wander around and pet the animals at your leisure. Take a well earned break in the 'Rooster's Rest' Tea Room with homemade cakes and extensive hot and cold menu. There's ample space and plenty of benches for picnics.


Finkley Down Farm Park's daily activities encourage children to understand more about what caring for an animal entails. The close contact with the animals in a secure and supervised environment fulfils the need for knowledge whilst providing practical experience of an animal's requirements. Finkley provides the 'Hands-on' experience that is no longer common place in our modern society.

During the day, timetabled activities take place that you can join in to gain practical experience on the farm.






Aerial View of Finkley Dowm Park Farm
A Play area at Finkley Dowm Park Farm
Feeding the animals at Finkley Dowm Park Farm

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